Academy with Community Partners – Our Students are At Hope

Student Testimonials: “ACP HS is like a family to me.”    -Robin Light

“I love ACP because the teachers actually make you feel like they want you here.”   -Brittany Sigler

“My experience at ACP was the best way to round out my high school career. The teachers and staff made me feel as if they had a personal investment in my well being and future prospects. As such, when I was down, they were sympathetic, and when I succeeded, there was so much celebration! I don’t think I could have asked for a better place to be.”     – Chelsea Bright 

ACP is a NCA Accredited 9th-12th grade high school with caring, AZ certified & highly qualified teachers. Students benefit from our 4-day school week, small class size, & individualized instruction.

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        ACP Thanksgiving Feast, Nov. 23rd. Closed Nov. 24 – 25th for Thanksgiving. 

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  Student Testimonials: …this is a school that stands out.” -Anonymous

“ACP has nicer teachers than a public school and smaller classes. I came to ACP from a local public school, and now here at ACP I’m passing my classes!” -Anonymous

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