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Donate to ACP with the Education Tax Credit

As you already know our schools need more resources. Now, thanks to a state law, you can send the school of your choice up to $400 if you are married filing jointly and $200 if you file as an individual. It doesn’t cost you anything because it will come right off the top of your state income taxes. Simply come in with your donation and receive a receipt that you will use come tax time. Click here to go to the state web site for more information about the tax credit or click here to download the tax credit brochure and form.


Parents may request specific professional qualifications information about their child’s teachers to include the level and subject area of certification, whether the teacher holds emergency or other conditional certificates, and the degree(s) the teacher holds and the field of study. Parents may also request information about services by paraprofessionals and their qualifications. This information is available on the school web site, or in the school office. The school is responsible for providing parents with information about their child’s achievement on state assessments. The school is also responsible for providing timely notice if their child has been assigned to, or has been taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who does not meet the definition of highly qualified as outlined in the “No Child Left Behind” Act.

Special Education News

Special Education News!!! State monitoring confirmed that ACP is in compliance in all areas according to federal and state education requirements.