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Margaret Williamson, MA
Ext: 014
Teofila Makiling-Angst, MA/MEd
Ext: 012
Betty Ramos
Office Manager
Ext: 100
 Maria Zarate
Office Assistant 
Ext: 010
Gary Williamson, BA
Facilities Supervisor Athletic Director
Ext: 038


Bob Jones, MA
Special Ed. Coordinator
Ext: 023
Kaitlyn Boyd, MA
English Teacher
Ext: 019
Natalia White, MA
English Teacher
Ext: 032
Juan alvarez, BA
Math/Psychology Teacher
Ext: 023
William Chenausky, MEd
English & Social Studies Teacher
Ext: 035
 Aimee Dunford, BA          English Teacher  Ext: 037
Shonin Tobar, MA
Math & Foreign Language Teacher
Ext: 025
Amy Hardgrove, MA
English Teacher
Ext: 021
Mary List, MA
Science Teacher
Ext: 034