Why Should I Attend ACP?

Why Should You Come to ACP?

Sleep in on Friday!

4-day school week ———┬áMonday – Thursday——— NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!

Too Many Classes at One Time?……Not at ACP!

Only 2 classes at a time–less overwhelming than 6! And 20 minute breaks during each class!

get paid!

$500 annual giveaway!
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what homework???

No Homework–all work is done in class where a teacher can help you!


Open Campus with a 1 hour lunch!

who cares……

ACP teachers do! Fun, caring teachers! Just ask any ACP student!

After School….

Seasonal sports
Boy’s soccer (Fall)—– Girl’s volleyball—– Girl’s & Boy’s basketball—– Co-ed soccer (Spring)
Clubs & Activities
Hiking Club—–Green Team—–Non League Sports—–Leadership Council

But, don’t take our word…TAKE OUR STUDENTS’ WORDS!

When asked why they would recommend a friend to ACP, this is what the students said:

“ACP has great teachers that make it fun to learn!” –Anonymous
“I like coming to ACP because the teachers make you feel at home & do everything they can to make learning fun. The best part about ACP is everyone gets along and school is safe. I am proud to graduate from ACP!” –Bree Wilson
“Come to ACP. It’s a really good school. No school on Fridays, 2 classes for 6 weeks and the coolest teachers around. You can’t go wrong if you become an ACP Lion.” –Charles
“…2 classes a day for 6 weeks and they’re only 3 hours long. Plus you have no homework and no school on Fridays! It’s a great school. And it’s small and everyone knows each other.” –Ryan Harvey
“This school is bomb, and it’s so much better than (public school name).” –Anonymous
“I like coming here because we only come to school 4 days a week. I am doing better here than a normal school because the classes are a lot smaller & it’s more one-on-one time.” –Richelle S.
“You should come to this school cause the teachers are awesome and they’re young (at heart). They’re really cool to be around.” –Erick Lugo
“The school is very laid back and helpful. We don’t have school on Fridays, 2 classes, chill teachers, and friendly students.” –K.K.
“This school changes you if you want to change!” –Jose Sanchez
“Come on dude! 4 day week!” –Marissa Lara
“You have 2 classes a day with great teachers working in small classrooms, so it is really hands on.” –Robert Bidot
“ACP is fun and so are the teachers!” –Anonymous
“The teachers here are not just teachers. They are friends and they’re willing to help you a 100% if you are serious about graduation.” –Theresa Sezate
“The main thing is that the teachers help you as an individual a lot.” –Jesse C.
“Cuz this school is the best school I have been to….” –Anonymous
“We have nice and caring teachers that help you and motivate you to pass. The other thing is that this is a safe school.” –Anonymous
“It’s interesting & the teachers really care. They get your attention & are attentive. The environment is positive. People seem willing to help. I enjoy it.” –Anonymous