Testimonials for ACP

Here are some testimonials for ACP from former students and parents.
“My commitment to Academy with Community Partners (ACP) goes beyond my presence in this life’s journey. I’m truly honored to be counted as a member of the Administration staff serving our diverse student community. During my tenure, I have witnessed many facets of student’s successes. My utmost goal is to embrace every one of my students as a success story, so they can tell the world of their new beginning and hope in their own life’s endeavors.”
— Teofila Makiling-Angst, Principal
“ACP High School is an amazing school. The teachers work with the students and the office faculty is always there for the student. Ms. Pil is an amazing principal and she’s a second mom to all the students. My son loves this school. I would recommend this school.”
— Filomena Raymond, Parent
“My experience at ACP was the best way to round out my high school career. The teachers and staff made me feel as if they had a personal investment in my well-being and future prospects. As such, when I was down, they were sympathetic, and when I succeeded, there was so much celebration! I don’t think I could have asked for a better place to be.”
— Chelsea Bright, Graduate